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Amanda S.

There are a few things you should be cautious of before you commence with blind ambition, and the first on the list is building your own home. Its a grueling process, but extremely rewarding if you have the right team on your side. My husband and I were fortunate enough to have hired Scarpelli Mechanical to install our HVAC system. From the beginning John ( the owner ) took the time to go over our plans with the HERS rater to ensure that our system would be as efficient as possible. John also gave a very competitive price, remained true to his scheduling promises and delivered a system that is more efficient than we expected. 

The crew at Scarpelli were courteous, knowledgeable and hard working. It is obvious that the team works well together.
Scarpelli stands behind their work and responds immediately to calls and will go out of their way to guarantee that we have heat. We had another contractor damage a part of our system, and John immediately ordered that damaged part and got the system back on track that same day.
If you do decide to GC your on home, buy a new house to renovate, or simply need to update your own system, I strongly recommend John and his crew at Scarpelli Mechanical. Not only do you have a great heating and cooling system, you gain a friend!

Ms. Kathy C.

Scarpelli Mechanical,

After building my home 20 years ago, it was time to upgrade some outdoor projects and replace my central air condition unit with a more efficient one.

I contacted Scarpelli Mechanical and spoke with John. I explained what I was interested in doing and what would be my options. John came to my home, after viewing the premise he explained in detail what was best for my needs and gave his recommendation. Two days later, we had a deal!

His office contacted me, notifying me with names of who would be coming to my home and what time. His team showed up promptly and prepared to protect my floor and carpet with drop cloths for what would be “high traffic area” for them.

They worked on removing my old unit from my attic which was lying on the floor and installing a new one which was bracketed up so neatly. The outside unit was placed on what they call a “pad” on my new paver walkway where the old unit was. This one looks even better! They tested the unit to make sure everything was up and running properly.

At the end of the installation, the crew cleaned up and left my home as if they were never there.

I couldn’t be happier. I am so pleased that I chose Scarpelli Mechanical and feel confident that I made the right choice. Thank you John.



Jeanne H. BayShore, NY

I called for an appointment and John got back to me within a few hours.  Thank you John, you have made me very Happy :)   Having oil heat, I always thought it would be such a big job, I couldn't have been more mistaken.  John introduced each of his crew members.  They were very professional and polite.  They cleaned up after completing the job, I couldn't tell that I had central A/C installed.  The price was right, an added bonus.  I look up to my "vents" with a smile, as I do to John and his crew.  Recommendations will always pour out from us!!  Great job!!


Jamie Latinsky, Centereach NY

I just want to thank John, Fran, and the whole team at Scarpelli Mechanical for the fantastic job they did installing our Mini Split Air Conditioning System.  The system works phenomenal and when I say the whole team I mean it because they literally sent about 7 guys to our house the day of the installation and finished the complete job way before the day was over.  The crew was great and pleasant (and they used drop cloths around  the house!!), and John was true to his word every step of the way.   I would gladly recommend Scarpelli Mechanical to friends and family and thanks again for everything.


Mike and Karin M.

we just had our ac ductless system installed, I just felt the need to contact you to tell you that my wife and I our so happy we chose your company to do the work. it was a pleasure working with john on this project, his men could not be more professional, knowledgeable, responsible, and so concerned about our home and property. john took the time and effort to inform us every step of the way, which made us feel really good. well finally, price was great, work was great, you have a great company and will freely recommend you to all our friends   thank you   john



I recently had a discussion with a friend of mine where I explained the difficulty of having Central Air installed in my home, which happens to be a Cape. He immediately suggested that I call John Scarpelli who had installed a system called a Mini-Split at his church. My friend raved about the system, so in turn I contacted Mr. Scarpelli. Mr.Scarpelli came to my home within a day and demonstrated to me that he had a lot of  knowledge about this device and the work that he does. I was a bit apprehensive because I wasn't sure that this device would be able to cool the ground floor of my home due to it's design and cathedral ceiling. Mr. Scarpelli never wavered in his confidence that this system would do the desired job. Within minutes of having the system turned on you could feel the cooling effects throughout the ground floor. His crew or workers were very polite and efficient and his supervisor was excellent in every aspect of the installation. The only complaint that I've received by some family members and friends has been to please put the system on low. Lol. I love it.


kevin Campbell- Larsen Home Improvement

 "I have had the privilege of working with John for the past 5 years. John's attention to detail has been apparent from the onset of our working relationship. His vast knowledge and understanding that he brings to each and every project ensures an efficient solution, despite the difficulty of the task at hand. You will be hard pressed to find a more honest, knowledgeable  trustworthy person to perform all of your HVAC needs. I would be happy to speak with anyone looking to know more about John and his great team ."


Chantal Kaftan

I want to thank John and his crew for being so professional and caring. No matter what or when, John will always return phone calls in a reasonable time. His work is excellent and his prices very fair. I met John about 10 years ago and I have never been disappointed on any level.
It is with great pleasure that I recommend Scarpelli Mechanical to anyone who wants to trust a company for their heat and AC needs.

Brad M.

Dear Future Scarpelli Mechanical Customer,


Let me begin by stating I have no ties to John, Fran or any of the other members of the Scarpelli Mechanical family. I am a customer that found the company through the reference of another contractor I had contracted for a large addition project. I would like to open by a re emphasis of the word family – never have I felt such a camaraderie of workers than I did while the crew was working as a single unit at my home in Suffolk County.  I would share my story of the Scarpelli Mechanical family.

            Through the initial project meeting John arrived on time doing whatever it took to get the job done – John went above and beyond to make sure the correct system was custom built for the application at hand. Over the next few days John took the time to revisit certain aspects of the system and proposed items to improve it to make it right. 

            The first day of installation is where the word and feeling of family truly kicked in. John arrived on time with three trucks behind him.  John came into the house and introduced each and every worker to my wife and myself before anyone stepped foot in the house.  All of the workers always had a positive outlook and went the extra step to make sure all items were done properly. Rob, Oscar, Ziggy, and the rest of the crew took great pride in their work and asked questions while working to make sure everything was done how we wanted.

            I could write many more sentences about this fantastic contractor, I trust my message has become clear – this contractor is fantastic and you cannot go wrong with them. Their prices are fair and their work is exceptional.


I would like to close by saying thank you to the Scarpelli Family with a special thanks to Fran and John.


Shelley Lindenauer

john scarpelli has been doing all the HVAC in my home in watermill for the past 5 years/

his work is clean, neat , efficient/ he does what he says he is going to/
he and his men are reliable, punctual, and courteous/

the most important thing i can say is that if or when there is a problem, john is immediately on it!
he responds to your phone calls/ there is never an issue with not being able to reach him

he is a terrific problem solver and we consider him as a friend now bec of all the assurance he has given us over the 5 years!

he is a real gentleman and runs his business that way/
also, we have gotten estimates and his number is usually the lowest but his work is not!
and i have never had any disputes about the bill/

he has done 3 houses in my area and all continue to use him/

i have recommended him at least 4 times and everyone has said the same thing as i have here/

i would not hesitate to hire him/ you will be very happy you did!

feel free to contact me for any further questions

and most of all, you will feel secure that everything will be taken care of!

Shelley Lindenauer

Ed Murphy, EA Ed Murphy and Company

I have known John and Fran Scarpelli for many years. Scarpelli Mechanical installed central air conditioning in my home and office building. Their representative came to my office and home and advised me as to the size unit I should get for maximum efficiency. He was very professional and knowledgeable. He answered all my questions.

Scarpelli Mechanical’s installers were very neat and professional while in my office. I barely knew they were there. They completed the job very quickly and cleaned up after themselves. I was very pleased with their representative and installers. They did an excellent job. I would highly recommend their company.


Ed and Debby Troy Massapequa, New York

Earlier this year we where faced with the knowledge that after 20 years it was time to replace our central air conditioning units. This was not something we look forward to for several reasons. Our house has some very unique and complicated roof lines and peaks. In addition to this the access to our attic is very small and tight.

We received two quotes and visits from some “experts” including the AC company that had been ‘servicing” our units for years. All they could tell us was what a problem it was going to be because of the limited access and roof design.

I called another Contractor who had just done a major project in our house and asked for a recommendation. He told me that there was only one guy that he would use and allow in his house, John Scarpelli ! We met with John in late spring of this year. He looked the job over and said “Well this will be an interesting challenge but we can do it!”

John’s proposal was fair and we awarded him the job. As promised John and his team showed up a few days later and completed the installation as promised in ONE DAY!! They removed the old unit by disassembling it in the attic and installed the new unit by dividing it into three parts and reassembling it in the attic. By 5:00PM that day they were finished, the area was broom cleaned and you would never know that they were there.

John’s company will also now be our new servicing company throughout the year.

With the summer now almost over and having been one of the hottest on record I can tell you we were cool and comfortable at all times. The other good news is the new unit runs far more efficiently than our old one so the cost and energy use is actually less.

I would highly recommend Scarpelli Mechanical Company with no reservations.



I was very impressed with your knowledge and professionalism regarding HVAC.


Bruce and Veronica

Exceptional work deserves recognition.

Yesterday John led a crew of 5 to our house in Wading River. The crew arrived at about 9 am and left about 5 pm and during that time they transformed our heating system. They skillfully removed the old hardware and installed a new oil tank, burner and water heater.

I was fascinated and thoroughly impressed by their efficiency, courtesy, friendliness and product knowledge. John made recommendations to us as to where he thought we could be prudent in our purchases, and where he felt we should chose components that may cost a bit more, but would work better; give more growth options; and probably last longer. At no time did we feel pressured or manipulated. However, we adapted the process several times, to which the crew easily responded, and we ended up very pleased with the end result.

The last few minutes of the day were indicative of our entire experience with your company. As John was replacing the jet (for the 4th or 5th time) so the burner could get the best fire….the other 4 crew members proudly shard with us the specifics of the system. They all seemed like fathers who had just given birth. The sense of pride was obvious. And the feeling was contagious.

Thank you for your exceptional work. We recommend Scarpelli Mechanical to anyone on Long Island, when they are researching their heating or air conditioning needs, who want to have a similar experience.